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Cyberchat with the Superintendent

By Joan M. Forney, Interim Superintendent
March 11, 2013

CEASD Accreditation – What Does it Include?

During the next month Cyber Chats will review the CEASD accreditation process and provide you with basically an executive summary of the process. The goal of these Cyber Chats is to assure that each of our staff are prepared for the CEASD upcoming visit and are aware of the process we have undertaken this year. This week’s Cyber Chat is a reproduction of the Introduction to the Self-Study. The introduction and executive summary were written and reviewed by the School Improvement Team made up of: Co-chairs: Marcia Breese, Angie Kuhn and Sheila Stephens and Members of the Team: Colleen Belcher, Allison Fraas, Allison Guidish, Renee Jumper, Lana Shea and Aimee Veith. These individuals along with the members of each Standard Committee have done a tremendous job of developing the school and community profile, the Standard Summaries, the Action Plans and the School Improvement Plan. The entire self-study will be posted on our website during the next week. The Introduction to the Self Study follows:

The Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) CEASD Accreditation Committee was made up of 63 individuals. The committee included staff from ISD’s governing body, the Illinois Department of Human Services\Division of Rehabilitation Services (IDHS\DRS), members of the ISD Advisory Council, the Interim Superintendent, the ISD Administrative Council, the School Improvement Team, support staff, students and parents. These individuals represented a broad demographic and brought a variety of perspectives to the self study process. The Accreditation Committee was co-chaired by the Principal of the PK- 8th grades, Assistant Principal of the High School and the Outreach Coordinator.

The Accreditation Committee began the self-study process in August 2012. Subcommittees for each standard were assigned based on experience, interest and involvement in the areas covered in the respective standard. Supervisors and staff responsible for delivering the services covered in each standard were included on the committee. Every effort was made to include parents and students on each subcommittee, as appropriate. Opinion surveys were distributed to each demographic, including the Advisory Council, Administrative Council, educational and residential staff, students and parents. All ISD staff had the opportunity to reply to at least one survey which can be found in the respective narratives for each standard.

Each subcommittee met one or more times to review the surveys and address the standard indicators. The surveys were used to help the subcommittees identify areas where ISD excels and areas which offered opportunities for improvement. The surveys formed the basis for most of the objectives and action plans in the self study report. Once the subcommittee completed the self study report, they forwarded the self study to the School Improvement Team for review. The School Improvement Planning Committee analyzed the reports and action plans, and made recommendations for the overall School Improvement Plan.

The CEASD Accreditation self study report is organized in the following manner: Introduction   
  Accreditation Subcommittees   
  Self Study Report Executive Summary
Community Profile
  History of the Illinois School for the Deaf
  Student Community
  Socioeconomic Factors
  Disability Statistics
  Educator Statistics
  Student Assessment Data
  Analysis of Data: Unique Local Insights
  Graduates/Alumni Follow-Up Study
Report for each standard
  Self-Evaluation Summary
  Response to the recommendations made by the Accreditation team in 2006
  Artifacts which support this response
  Narrative which addresses the indicators for each standard
  Summary of opinion survey chart
  Discussion of strengths and opportunities for improvement
  Action Plans
School Improvement Plan
  School wide Action Plans
  Follow-up on Objectives from NCA goals
  Needs assessment for professional development
  NWEA District Data by Grade
  Student, Staff, and Parent Surveys
  Compilation of comments from opinion surveys

Next week’s Cyber Chat will include a summary of the first six standards. I hope that this information will assist all of us in being fully prepared for the site visit in April. Please feel free to contact me or members of the School Improvement Team if you have any questions about this information.